Client: Motorola
Director: Oliver Navarro Schrøder
Comissioning Company: Eyeball NYC
Music: Yoshi Sodeoka
Appearance: Stash#66

C13 was originally a Part of a Pitchwork for the Motorola Razr2. C13 actually was design-number C13, out of 14 campaign-designs presented to the client. Although it wasnt chosen for the main campaign, it generated a lot of interest and the client decided to bring it to life - independently of the original campaign.
The main creative challenge was the design of the symbols. They had to be highly sophisticated, display an intelligent superiority and be highly abstract and readable at the same time. Motorola C13 is an attempt to animate, visualize and manifest the mysterious aura that comes with crop cycle design while at the same time displaying and selling a product of earthly technology. The characteristic of the visual charme and the language of the shapes naturally stimulate the viewer to decode the information. One is eager to understand what he sees. The message: this device descends from superior technology. Its scientific information and sophistication transcends modern technology. And yet, at second sight, the graphical language is easy to read. We see a solar system, a brain which indicates higher knowledge and a convex intellectual sagacity. We also see symbols that em-blematize the senses of a human being like hearing, seeing, touching - all in an high degree of abstraction.

The symbols we see stand for attributes, features and prospects of the device. They are aphorisms of certain scientific areas, hints to a greater ken, impressions of an universal technical solution. The lines that escort all graphic elements indicate the data network, the connecting matter, the neuro-pathways. As we proceed into the spot, we experience a journey from the abstract to the concrete, from internal to external, from micro to macro. What we see is a Camera-zoom from the dense matter and its genesis to free space and the concentration of things.