.... has been working as a Creative Director, Director and Designer in the design-, advertising- and animation- industry since the year 2000 and is following his drive for creative expression through various types of media and techniques. With determination and experience, Oliver is able to provide major support in the realisation of an ambitious project.
The creative industry today is demanding. Budget, technical restrictions, production time and various other factors have a strong impact on the success of a project. Oliver offers substantial knowledge in every of the deflecting categories. His broad overview ensures the ability to develop a precise production plan and the according creative guidelines. Concept development, styleguide, storyboard, direction, animatic, client presentations all in one, all good. Oliver is eager to create exceptional projects that provide a powerful message and a beautiful experience.


LG, Audi, Ford, Samsung, BMW, Motorola, Poland Spring, Shell, General Motors, International Delight, Infiniti, Toyota, Jules Mumm, Ogilvy, Stardust Studios, Eyeball NYC, 1stAveMachine, Parasol Island, Lamborghini, UAE Forces, Comedy Central, Viva, Fiat, Heavy Water, Select Comfort, Fritos, Unity Media, Gorilla Concept, Id-On, Konz, Optimum Voice, Trident, Wormland, iHome, Target, Tonictrix, Adobe, Rasch Textile, Warsteiner, Optix Digital Pictures, Dyrdee Media, Red Bull, Rewe, Renault, O2, MTV, Kia, KDW Berlin, ARD, Microsoft, RTA Dubai, Polkadot UAE, Terre Des Hommes, EnBW, Qualcomm, Varta.


2012 DesignMadeInGermany
2011 Horizont
2010 RedBox
2010 Motionographer
2010 Stash#66
2010 Stash#65
2009 Stash#59
2007 Webcut Awards
2007 Pictoplasma // Characters in Motion